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Custom Influencer Sampling Program

Expand your reach through New Hope Network’s Custom Influencer Sampling Program

Create an impression with 10 to 15 health and wellness influencers recruited by New Hope Network who opt-in to receive your product sample in exchange for high-quality social media posts. These campaigns will get your product in front of highly engaged audiences, aligning your company with health-minded consumers.

Who are the Influencers?

Your product samples will be sent to 10-15 micro- and macro- influencers with typical audience sizes ranging from 8K to 100K per social media platform. These influencers have opted-in to receive your special product sample and have a full understanding of social media posting expectations.


  • Special sample box experience co-branded to your brand and New Hope Network
  • Marketing collateral (supplied by brand); Campaign collateral (supplied by New Hope Network)
  • Content campaign developed by New Hope Network and your brand
  • Commitment from each influencer to produce branded social media content
  • Detailed post-campaign metrics and ROI kit


Starting at $15K per program

Past Campaign Examples:





Targeted Sampling