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Highly shareable visual representation of content. Infographics draw a wider viewing audience into information that might otherwise be hidden in long-form content.

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Iron Up

Are your customers getting enough iron?

Maybe not. Iron deficiency is the most common micronutrient deficiency in the world, affecting some 2 billion people across the planet, especially menstruating and pregnant women, vegans and vegetarians, athletes and frequent blood donors, who are at risk of being low in iron. Unfortunately, most people who are low in iron don’t know it, and mistake symptoms like fatigue and feeling run down as part of a busy life.

MegaFood is committed to helping you educate your customers about this growing health crisis. This handy infographic is an easy way to inform your staff and customers about all things iron.

Discovering whole health with herbs

For centuries, people have found a connection between herbs and good health. Today, ancient Ayurvedic remedies are backed by modern science, offering a host of holistic health solutions for you. In this infographic, we highlight top herbal blends, what makes a quality product and how supplements can help support body, mind and planet.

Palms Up

When harvested sustainably, palm oil is a versatile, healthy and socially conscious ingredient. As a retailer, are you looking for the right ingredient attributes and asking the necessary questions of your vendors?

Don’t avoid palm oil products. Do look for companies doing it the right way.

In this infographic, we reveal:

  • Where palm is most commonly used
  • Why not all palm is created equal
  • Top tips for choosing a sustainable palm product

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