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Inside Organic

Inside Organic is designed to unite companies with USDA certified organic products and ingredients to develop a collective, clear communication and education program that supports organic. The $63 billion organic industry has faced many challenges over the years, including a lack of consumer awareness and confusion over what USDA-certified organic really means.

In 2023, Inside Organic will build off the work and custom research that was done in 2022 and continue to use a range of content platforms to proactively help ingredient companies, manufacturers, brands and retailers elevate and expand the story of organic. Acting as a unifying megaphone to help increase organic awareness and education, this program will help companies across the supply chain identify the organic communication strategies that are working, the messages that could be further elevated and where new messaging opportunities lie. Inside Organic provides an opportunity to grow organic as an industry and a lifestyle.

Let’s elevate organic, together.

Partner Inclusions
  • Kickoff Event, February 7th:  This event will unite our partner companies and associations with the New Hope Network and Natural Products Insider and Food & Beverage Insider teams for brainstorming and idea sharing to develop our Inside Organic communication roadmap.
  • Organic Summit, June 6th: This interactive virtual event will be sponsored by our Inside Organic partners and attended by brands, suppliers, retailers and other relevant members in the natural products community. We’ll unite industry leaders to take a deep dive into research, and top issues around organic messaging and communication today.
  • eNewsletter, 6x: The Inside Organic eNewsletter will highlight news, trends and updates in organic, including announcements from our Inside Organic partners and the latest Inside Organic content. Six issues will go out in 2023 to New Hope Network audiences.
  • Social Campaign, monthly: Working hand in hand with the communication action plan, this monthly social campaign will highlight program partner profiles and align partners around a key consumer takeaway or industry talking point.
  • Case Study/Partner Profile: Inside Organic partners will each receive a co-branded profile/case study article exploring how they’ve communicated one aspect of their organic strategy— from farmer partnerships to ESG metrics. This case study will position each brand as a leading expert in one focused area of organic education and company storytelling and will be highlighted on
  • Communication Action Plan Toolkit, September 6th: This content piece will provide brands, suppliers and retailers with a “what is” and “why organic” outline, along with consistent talking points, social media tips/posts and consumer takeaways that will help create stronger alignment around clear and effective industry communication. This guide will live on and will be distributed by our Inside Organic partners to reinforce their roles as leading educators and organic advocates.
  • Natural Product Expo East HES, September 21 or 22: Inside Organic will sponsor an organic- focused 90-minute presentation at Expo East that will provide the opportunity for sponsor representation and participation.
Additional Premier Level Inclusions
  • Custom Research: New Hope Network will conduct research to establish a baseline for the Inside Organic program of what consumers need to hear from the industry and what story will best resonate with consumers. This research will be finalized in October. Inside Organic sponsors will receive a mini report of the findings.
  • Custom Content: Sponsors will have the opportunity to clearly and effectively educate New Hope Network’s buyer and distributor audience, on the organic topic of their choice, through a concise, 30-minute OnDemand webinar. This will provide evergreen content for retailers hungry for organic education.
  • Natural Foods Merchandiser: The November organic-themed issue of Natural Foods Merchandiser will run a feature on organic followed by company spotlights of Inside Organic partners.
  • Hosted Roundtable: This virtual event will bring together a smaller group of industry experts, suppliers, brands and retailers to discuss in more depth key topics related to messaging and communicating organic, while also examining what messaging has worked and what hasn’t and where the industry should focus its energies.
Premier Level

This level of involvement includes participation and inclusion in all of the Inside Organic events and content. In addition, pre- mier sponsors will have access to custom research and provided increased exposure by being spotlighted in custom content that shares each brand’s story, organic focus and priorities.

Premier Level Pricing: $15,000

Partner Level

This level of involvement includes participation and inclusion in the overarching Inside Organic events and content. It does not provide access to custom content.

Partner Level Pricing: $7,500