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Inside the Bottle

Inside the Bottle: Understanding Supplements Today unites supplement companies from across the supply chain to develop consistent messaging around the most relevant topics facing the supplement industry. In its fourth year, the award winning Inside the Bottle will explore the concepts of transparency, nutrition science, innovation with a purpose and more through a range of digital, print and in-person communication tools.

Building off of the research and content developed over the past three years, the program will deliver co-branded content and position the Inside the Bottle network of brands as thought leaders working collaboratively to advocate for a more transparent supplement industry. 

Themes and Content Topics will include: 

  • Extreme transparency and traceability
  • What’s next in supplement and botanical science
  • Innovation with purpose
  • Blurring lines between food, supplements and pharma
  • Personalization
  • The evolution of health care in America
  • Cohesive messaging


  • Inside the Bottle Boulder Summit
  • Custom research
  • Quarterly co-branded feature article
  • Co-branded website
  • Monthly co-branded email campaign
  • Inside the Bottle PR/marketing campaign
  • Vitafoods content
  • Natural Products Expo West
  • Expo West Hosted Education Session
  • NBJ Summit

Total Cost: $25,000

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