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Issue Reservation Due Ad Materials Due Editorial Focus
January/February 2021 11/12/20  11/20/20
  • Rethinking Retail
  • By the numbers: Measuring shopping now
  • In the aisle: The healthy pantry
  • In the supplement aisle: Stress
  • Cashflow management practices
March/April 2021 1/14/21  1/22/21
  • The Plant-Based Revolution
  • By the numbers: The plastic dilemma
  • In the aisle: Plant-based inspiration & innovation
  • In the supplement aisle: Sports
  • Food safety & cleaning practices
May/June 2021 3/19/21  3/29/21
  • Expo West Show Edition
  • By the numbers: How Americans spend on health
  • In the aisle: Celebrating diversity
  • In the supplement aisle: Inflammation 
  • Encouraging trial without demos
July/August 2021 5/11/21  5/21/21
  • Market Overview
  • By the numbers: Food tech & tech in food
  • In the aisle: Industry incubation
  • In the supplement aisle: Back to basics/fundamental health
  • Questioning efficacy
September/October 2021 7/16/21  7/26/21
  • Expo East Show Edition
  • By the numbers: Growing organic
  • In the aisle: Pioneering brands
  • In the supplement aisle: Weight management/diet support
  • Supporting BIPOC-owned brands
November/December 2021 9/16/21  9/24/21
  • Today’s Healthy Aging
  • By the numbers: Supplement use today
  • In the aisle: Snack nation
  • In the supplement aisle: Mushrooms
  • Growing delivery – profitably 

Please check back as our 2021 Editorial Calendar is being updated to include additional topics and relevant trends.