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NFM 2023 Editorial Calendar

Every issue of NFM will include consumer research, a special data, trends and product guide, plus long-time favorite sections like Secret Shopper, Weigh In and Checkout.

Reservation Due: 11/21/22

Materials Due: 11/28/22

Theme: Functional Wellness and Mental Health. This issue will kick off the year with a look at the growing impact of mental health issues on consumers, brands and retailers and the evolving mental well-being space. How can retailers stay on top of the ever-evolving world of mood boosting foods and supplements and answer consumer needs.

Trends and product guide: Supplements (in particular), along with functional foods and beverages will take center stage in this issue, which will focus on mood and mental support, and foundational wellness: nutrition, sleep, exercise, hydration, and functional ingredients.

Weigh in: How can I reecession-proof my store?

Secret shopper: What does it mean when a product has “clean” or “natural” caffeine?

Reservation Due: 1/23/23

Materials Due: 1/24/23

Theme: Expo West Trends Issue This Expo West show issue will cover the show as well as the latest trends emerging across retail categories at Expo West.

Trends and product guide: Trends that are shaping the coming year and the Expo West new product round-up.

Weigh in: How can I expand supplier diversity?

Secret shopper: Should I be taking Vitamin D or K2?

Additional features: Expo Trends & Show Guide | NEXTY Finalists | Delicious Living Beauty & Supplement Awards

Learn more here.

Reservation Due: 4/21/23

Materials Due: 4/24/23

Theme: The Solutions Issue. This Market Overview issue packs all the market sizing and benchmarking data we collect each year in a reference guide worth keeping, along with a look at just how the natural products industry is shaping the future of food and investing in solutions for both people and planet.

Trends and product guide: What tools and solutions are emerging that will help the natural products industry face current and future challenges, such as climate, sustainability, waste reduction, food access… on the journey to bring more health to more people.

Weigh in: How can a smaller store secure innovative brands before mass competitors?

Secret shopper: Is magnesium good for sleep?

Additional features: Annual Market Sizing Report | NEXTY winners

Learn more here!

Reservation Due: 7/21/23

Materials Due: 7/24/23

Theme: Expo East Trends Issue. This Expo East show issue will cover the show and offer up a trends planner to help retailers plan for 2024. Find out what will move markets in food, beverage, personal care, and supplements, as well as what’s moving customers at retail.

Trends and product guide: Trends that are shaping 2023 and beyond, and the Expo East new product round-up.

Weigh in: Stay tuned!

Secret shopper: What does carbon neutral mean?

Additional features: Expo Trends and Show Guide | NEXTY finalists | Delicious Living Best Bite Awards

Learn more here!

Please check back as our 2023 Editorial Calendar is being updated to include additional topics and relevant trends.

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