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NFM Special Section
Stand out to retailers

The good food, clean supplements and safe cosmetics movements are changing how consumers purchase products, proving that conscious consumption is the future of retail. As a leader in your category, be a part of this exclusive opportunity that allows you to tell your story—and communicate how your brand’s vision is helping to drive your category forward. In this special advertising section of NFM, you’ll receive a full page of branding and content exposure through a half-page advertisement and a half-page custom Q&A, plus New Hope Network and Natural Products Expo sponsored social media posts.

Issue topics include:

January/February: What’s Next in Supplements?

The Q&A portion of your ad will include responses to three of the following questions:

  • How do your products support consumers on their healthy living journeys?
  • What supplement trend most excites you?
  • Why is science so important to the future of the supplement industry?
  • What does transparency mean to your organization?
  • How does your company approach innovation?

Materials Due: Friday, November 12, 2021


Be part of the NFM Special Advertising Section, only $1,995


June / July / August – What’s Next in Food?

Reservation due: 4/20/22
Materials due: 4/21/22

November / December – What’s Next in Health & Beauty?

Reservation due: 11/14/22
Materials due: 11/15/22

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Native Advertising
One last thing: ask your sales rep how to extend your message and unique story by having a prominent web presence on through our native advertising packages.