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Product Discovery at Home

Product Discovery at Home,
powered by Sampler


With shoppers feeling less comfortable sampling products in-store, getting your product discovered and into the hands of consumers has become more difficult than ever.

New Hope Network’s Product Discovery at Home allows brands like yours to get products directly into the hands of high-value consumers, at home! In partnership with Sampler, a digital product sampling provider, you can send 1,000+ physical products to the homes of your target demographic.

The best part? You’ll receive insights, testimonials, ratings and reviews. Armed with this feedback, you’ll have consumer receptivity data at your fingertips for use in conversations with retailers.

So, how does it work?

  1. Fill out an application for the Product Discovery at Home program.
  2. If accepted, New Hope Network will work with our technology partner Sampler to distribute 1,000+ samples to your targeted consumer demographic.
  3. After testing your product, those consumers will rate your product and provide valuable feedback.
  4. You’ll have access to your customized Sampler dashboard, so you can track your sampling program’s success and see valuable consumer insights.
  5. You’ll receive email addresses of those who opted-in to your brand, so you can re-market and build lifetime customers!


  • Delivery of 1,000+ samples to targeted consumers
  • Product feedback and ratings, during and post-sampling campaign
  • Ability to re-market to participants
  • Actionable end-of-campaign insights for your meetings with retailers
  • Complimentary entry into the NEXTY Awards and NEXTY Consumer Choice Award during Expo West 2022
    • NEXTY Awards finalist & winner benefits can be viewed here

*To be part of the Expo West 2022 awards, you must apply for the sampling program by October 11, 2021. Applications received after October 11th will be part of the Expo East 2022 awards.


Sample Weight 1,000 Samples 2,500 Samples 5,000 Samples
Up to 3 oz $2,900  $6,750  $12,500
Up to 6 oz  $3,650  $8,625  $16,250
Up to 9 oz  $4,750  $11,375  $21,750
Up to 12 oz  $5,850  $14,125  $27,250
Up to 24 oz  $10,150  $24,875  $48,750

Client supplied inserts are $0.10 additional per sample