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Audience Extension

Spark Change provides a place for brands, service providers and suppliers to get your products in front of key decision makers, starting with the Product Discovery Zone. From there, our sponsorship and marketing opportunities provide ways to highlight your innovations for good, lead important conversations and connect with the natural products industry.

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Audience Extension


Drive Attendees to Your Product Discovery Zone

Following each Micro-Community event, industry influencers will flock to our virtual environment to consume information on pertinent trends, network with other industry decision makers and find the latest and greatest products. Using a tracking pixel as these industry influencers come and go from the virtual environment, New Hope Network will deliver 30k ad impressions on your behalf as the influencer navigates other areas of the internet. This provides an excellent way to build brand and product awareness and link back to your Product Discovery Zone or website.

  • Average Click Through Rate: .2%

  • Cost for 30k ad impressions - $1,500

Soapbox Series Video Q&A