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Spark Change Modern Health Virtual Tasting Experience

Spark Change provides a place for brands, service providers and suppliers to get your products in front of key decision makers, starting with your Virtual Booth. From there, our sponsorship and marketing opportunities provide ways to highlight your innovations for good, lead important conversations and connect with the natural products industry.

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Spark Change Modern Health Virtual Tasting Experience



Take key retailers and VIP press and influencers on a unique tasting journey during our Spark Change Modern Health Innovations event on July 14th! An exclusive opportunity available to only five exhibiting companies, this invite-only experience hosted by New Hope Network, will feature new food and beverage launches, product prep inspiration and exploration of ingredient backstory and health benefits from five of the hottest Spark Change exhibitors. Attendees will receive a custom tasting box and complementary digital “menu” content that will provide key category and product information, plus branded recipes. During the event, each sponsoring company will have 10 minutes to feature chefs and brand ambassadors who will guide attendees through the tasting experience. 

  • Custom tasting event for up to 25 key retailers and press/influencers.
    • Partners to send invite wishlist in advance of marketing to help curate attendees.
  • Tasting “menu” eGuide sent to all attendees in advance of the event featuring category, brand and product information, plus branded recipes, for each featured company.
    • eGuide will also be hosted on and sent to New Hope Network’s retailer database via two-touch email campaign.
    • eGuide promoted on New Hope Network and @NatProdExpo’s Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Video “evite” sent to attendees featuring sponsor product and logo. 
  • Spark Change and sponsor branded sampling box sent to each attendee prior to event day.   
  • 10-minute featured spot per company during the tasting event.
  • Each brand will receive a featured story on @NatProdExpo’s Instagram.
  • Sales deadline: Friday, June 11th, 2021.
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