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The Spotlight: Spark Change Brand Podium

Spark Change provides a place for brands, service providers and suppliers to get your products in front of key decision makers, starting with your Virtual Booth. From there, our sponsorship and marketing opportunities provide ways to highlight your innovations for good, lead important conversations and connect with the natural products industry.

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The Spotlight Brand Podium: Presenter


Brand Storytelling

Are you eager to grow? To expand how many stores you’re in? To increase how much shelf space your product(s) occupy? To broaden your brand recognition with consumers? The Spotlight Brand Podium is the key component of Spark Change Virtual Event programming, created for key buyers, distributors and influencers who are looking to help brands grow. Not only will you get to share your story and show off your stats with this audience, but the group of curated VIPs will get to try your product during the event.

  • Present on The Spotlight Brand Podium, a 60-minute section of programming, open to the entire Spark Change audience, at the event of your choice.
    • Audience will include 25+ curated VIPs made up of key buyers, distributors and influencers specifically invested in the event’s theme and discovering new brands. Example of VIP retailers that participated in 2020:
      • Large key retailers: Target, Walmart, 7-Eleven
      • Natural key retailers: Mom’s Organic Market, Cambridge Naturals, Sprouts
    • Each brand will have 4 minutes and one slide to share key stats requested by VIPs, including sales sheets, costs and distribution information.
      • Opportunity to participate in pre-event brand consulting with a retail brand coach to help you make the best impression on retailers.
      • Attendees will be prompted by the emcee to sign up to meet with the presenting companies 1:1 within the Natural Products Expo Virtual platform.
  • Opportunity to include a full-size product sample in a pre-event box that will be shipped to each VIP for sampling during your presentation.
    • Frozen and refrigerated SKUs can be accommodated with prior approval.
    • Must be able to provide 25+ of the same SKU, shipped to Boulder, CO (final quantities for VIPs to be confirmed in May 2021).
    • Products are subject to approval by New Hope Network Standards.
  • The Spotlight Brand Podium will take place during the two Spark Change Virtual Events:
    • Spark Change: Modern Health Solutions: July 14, 2021
      • Sales Deadline: June 4
    • Spark Change: Sustainable Solutions: November 10, 2021
      • Sales Deadline: October 8
  • Non-exclusive opportunity.
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