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Natural Products Expo Virtual


The Natural Products Expo Virtual program is hosted on a platform called Swapcard. It is the same platform we have used the previous two years to support our virtual programming. This platform will also be the primary digital & mobile tool to support the Expo West and Expo East events.  This tool facilitates livestreaming and discussion, virtual & in-person meetings, brand & product discovery and member to member interactions. Armed with our learnings from prior years we have added additional enhancements to the platform and focused on creating a new and improved experience driven by a different approach to our programming.  In addition to Expo West and Expo East, we will host monthly events within the platform to drive discovery, engagement and connections. We have already received commitments from prominent retailers, press, and influential industry decision makers to help co-host these individual events, lending their expertise and insights, while also committing to direct meetings with community participants.  All-Access Members will have an opportunity to participate in each monthly session, access premium content and facilitate retail discovery by building out a Virtual Booth highlighting brand information and an unlimited number of products from their portfolio. The Community upgrade package also includes an expanded presence and exclusive features for Expo West and Expo East exhibitors. 

  • The structure of the community environment is different than in years past, with strong commitments from key industry players to participate and utilize this platform throughout the year. In addition to being a critical platform to help enhance the Expo West and Expo East experience, we will host monthly sessions and premium content that all-access members can engage with.  These sessions include:
    • Retailer Discovery Sessions will be led by prominent retailers including Target, Fresh Thyme, MOM’s, Pharmaca, PCC, Misfits Market, and Thrive Market. These retailers will provide insight and information into how they evaluate and vet products, followed by setting up virtual meetings with brands. While these retailers will be presenting specific insights related to their stores, additional retailers will be present and engaging with brands during these sessions.
    • Two Natural Products Business School events that will provide a variety of actionable information and tools designed to help brands do better, smarter business. These events will have relevant information for all brand departments. Content will also be available onDemand to members.
    • Press and Influencers Day, cohosted by US Weekly. This day will help brands understand how to better incorporate press and influencers into their marketing mix by hearing from and connecting with leading press and influencers. Additionally, all access members will have the opportunity to be considered for a media and press pitch event, where winners will have the opportunity to win a PR and media prize package.
    • Two keynote presentations from prominent and respected members of the industry that will draw attention and intrigue from the industry at large.
  • All-Access Membership provides access to the platform for your entire organization. The monthly events and information shared will have relevance for every role in your organization.  

  • The platform is rooted in transparency. Once you are part of the community, you will be able to see and connect with contacts/organizations that are engaged in the community. 
  • NEW for 2022, you can also see who has visited your Virtual Booth, providing a better opportunity to follow up and connect with them directly.

  • The Natural Products Expo Virtual platform will serve as the primary digital tool and mobile app for Expo West and Expo East. Retail attendees will use this platform to plan out their show experience, navigate the show floor on-site, and as a post-show tool to help with follow up connection.
  • All Expo exhibitors will have a basic presence on the platform with a limited virtual booth. The basic presence will allow each company to highlight up to five products from their portfolio. Exhibitors will also be given a limited number of seats for members of their team to use the platform leading into, during and following the show, which will include the ability to plan meetings and stream education.
  • All-access members will have the ability to greatly expand their presence and build out their virtual presence with many enhancements that will drive more value to their exhibition experience. Two primary benefits will be the ability to feature an unlimited number of products during the show (and throughout the year) and provide an unlimited number of seats so your full team can use the platform during the shows. Not all members of an organization can attend Expo in-person.  This access will allow your full team to experience Natural Products Expo even if they are not onsite in Anaheim or Philadelphia.
  • All-access members will also be given access to a VIP lounge area in Anaheim and Philadelphia convention centers that will allow them to step off of the show floor to have private meetings, catch-up on some work, or simply take a break. The VIP lounge will have meeting areas, coffee, beverages, and lite fare throughout the day, and will have daily happy hours in the afternoon.