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Ad Units & Rates

Site Ad Units


Highly visible units at the top/bottom of the page

Left Rail Adhesion

Consistent presence on the left rail as users scroll

In-Edit Rectangle

Appears upon initial page load and consistently as users explore content

Prestitial / Welcome

Loads on first visit, “Sponsored Introduction” is displayed with a countdown

Gallery Interstitial

Ad positioned within a content related slide show appearing every 5 slides

In-Article Video

Optimal user experience and viewability through in-article placement

Floor / Footnote

Fixed, adhesion ad unit that sits at the bottom of the page, remaining in the user’s view as they scroll

Mobile Standard Banner

Ads can be displayed on top/bottom of page or within the content and can include animation

Site Skin Ad

Ad positioned on the right and left hand “rails” on a page

Big Sky Ad

Half page ad at the very top of the screen ensures user views

Interested in a custom package?

Contact your sales rep for à la carte pricing for ALL ad units.


Natural Foods Merchandiser’s print publication hits the desk of retailers every-other month, providing them with the latest information needed to succeed in the over $259 billion natural products industry. Through this engaging content, NFM creates the perfect place for you to talk to them about your brand and products.

See the 2024 NFM Calendar here.

  • Publication trim size: 10’’ x 12”
    (width is given as first dimension)
  • Ads with bleed — extend bleed 0.125” beyond the trim. Learn more about bleed requirements
  • All live matter not intended to bleed should be kept 0.25″ from trim. Spread ads should allow a total of 0.1875″ safety in gutter.
  • More information on Print Specifications and Guidelines

Full Page Spread

  • Full Page Non-Bleed Spread: 18” x 11”
  • Full Page Bleed Spread: 20” x 12”

1/2 Page Spread

  • Half Page Non-Bleed Spread: 18” x 5.25”
  • Half Page Bleed Spread: 20” x 5.375”

Full Page

  • Full Page Non-Bleed: 9” x 11”
  • Full Page Bleed: 10” x 12”

Junior Page

  • Junior Page Non-Bleed: 6.75” x 11”
  • Junior Page Bleed: 7” x 12”

1/2 Page

  • Horizontal Half Page Non-Bleed: 9” x 5.25”
  • Horizontal Half Page Bleed: 10” x 5.625”

1/3 Page

  • Vertical Third Non-Bleed: 3.25” x 11”
  • Vertical Third Bleed: 3.25” x 12”
  • Square Third Non-Bleed: 5.625” x 5.25”
Contact us for premium position pricing and custom insert rates

Prices are gross as shown
Additional premium positions available

1-3 Ads
Inside Front Cover
Inside Back Cover
Outside Back Cover
Full Page Spread
1/2 Page Spread
Full Page
Junior Page
1/2 Page
1/3 Page
$3,000 is at the forefront of the healthy lifestyle products industry, providing the ideal platform for your brand to communicate its message. The site provides exclusive coverage of Natural Products Expos, product galleries, retail insights, sponsored content, and industry updates.

Big Sky Ad
$3,000 per Share of Voice (4 SOV/month)

Standard Banner Ads

$1,250 per Share of Voice (5 SOV/month)

Floor Ads
$3,000 per Share of Voice (limited inventory)

Site Skin Ads
$3,000 per Share of Voice (limited inventory)

In Article Video Ads
$3,000 per Share of Voice (limited inventory)

Billboard Ads
$1,950 per Share of Voice (5 SOV/month)

Ad Sizes

The Expo West audience relies on this website leading into, during and following the event to get valuable show information. Advertising on the site provides a great way to engage a targeted group of retailers, build brand and product awareness and drive booth traffic as well as quality web traffic.

Ads units are sold in 5% Share of Voice
delivered from January-June

Approximately 300K-400K+ impressions
delivered per share

Pricing per 6 months

Floor Ads (exclusive opportunity)
$4,400 (4-month package from January-April)

Ad Sizes
728×90 (x2)
320×50 (mobile)
300×250 (x3)

Ask your sales rep for more info on our high impact floor ads, available only on our Expo sites

New Hope eNewsletters

Natural Retail Today
$2,825 per month

Daily takeover advertising model
(Deployed: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

One 728×90 Leaderboard Banner
One 300×250 Right-Rail Banner
One Product Feature and One Hosted Article

Natural Business Today
$2,825 per month

Daily takeover advertising model (Deployed: Tuesday, Thursday)

One 728×90 Leaderboard Banner
One 300×250 Right-Rail Banner
One Product Feature and One Hosted Article

Show Daily – Expo West

Daily newsletter distributed to all Expo attendees and exhibitors during the show

728×90 OR 180×150

Show Scoop – Expo West

Weekly newsletter distributed to Expo attendees and exhibitors during the months of February & March (excluding the week of the show)

728×90 OR 180×150