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NFM Editorial Calendar

Every issue of NFM will include trends and product guides, top-of-mind topics for retailers today, plus long-time favorite sections like Secret Shopper and Weigh In.

Reservation Due: June 24, 2024

Materials Due: July 3, 2024

Theme: Category Review / Newtopia Now. This exciting, information-packed issue will feature data and analysis about some of the top retail categories, best practices, and stats to help retailers plan for the year ahead. Discovery and connection will be focal points, as we share what to expect from Newtopia Now.

Trends and product guide: Trends coverage in this issue will look at data about top performing categories and detail trends and predictions for each one, along with a guide to new and emerging products and brands to watch.

Retail deep dive: Regenerative agriculture: how to educate customers and sell the concept
You’re likely taking in more brands aligned with regenerative practices. But have your customers bought in? We’ll break down the topic and outline education efforts to communicate the value. *This will be a companion article to the June NFM Webinar.

Weigh in: Experts “weigh in” on some of the biggest questions on retailers’ minds today. More information to come!

Secret shopper: Do all probiotics need refrigeration?

Additional features: Category data – more to come! Newtopia Now trends and show guide – your complete guide to Newtopia Now!

Reservation Due: October 4, 2024

Materials Due: October 14, 2024

Theme: Best of Natural Products Retail. This issue will showcase standout retail innovations from the year. Content might include Profiles of exemplary retailers, inventive retail models, inspiring partnerships and more.

Trends and product guide: Predictions for the year ahead. What products and trends are gaining traction and will continue to shape the industry in the coming year?

Retail deep dive: The evolution of brick and mortar: A look at stores building hybrid models, including strong ecommerce, social and experiential shopping. How are they doing it and what are the benefits and challenges? 

Weigh in: Experts “weigh in” on some of the biggest questions on retailers’ minds today. More information to come!

Secret shopper:How much fiber should I be eating and what kind?

Reservation Due: January 23, 2023

Materials Due: February 1, 2024

Theme: Expo West Trends Issue. This Expo West show issue will cover the show as well as the latest emerging trends across retail categories at Expo West.

Trends and product guide: We will highlight the latest trends in product innovation and those that are shaping trends will be illustrated through dozens of product launches at Expo West exhibiting brands.

Retail deep dive: Dietary supplements 101 – This article will examine topics such as the latest science and retail applications of DSHEA (and celebrating 30 years of DSHEA) to trending categories and hot ingredients, as well as how to train your staff to support the dietary supplement category. *This will be a companion article to the February NFM Webinar.

Weigh in: Experts “weigh in” on some of the biggest questions on retailers’ minds today. More information to come!

Secret shopper: What’s the deal with berberine, “nature’s Ozempic”?

Additional features: Expo Trends and show guide, your complete guide to Expo West! The Expo West 2024 NEXTYs are going to be a major affair and NFM will feature all the finalists as well as some highlights and observations from this awards program in this issue.

Please check back as our Editorial Calendar is being updated to include additional topics and relevant trends.

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