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Service Provider


Service Providers are the power source CPG brands need in order to thrive within the Natural Products Industry. Our mix of marketing solutions work to build brand awareness, provide continuous leads from CPG brands at all stages, and meet your revenue goals.

New Hope Network supports the entire ecosystem of the natural, organic and healthy products industry; an industry that's growing by 5.4% thanks in part to the consumer packaged goods companies who are continuously reinventing and reimagining to stay relevant. This constant flywheel of innovation creates a regular need for expert services to help brands stand out.
Natural and organic products sales in the U.S. grew an estimated 5.4% to $278B in 2022, with sales on track to surpass $300B by 2023, according to New Hope Network's State of Natural and Organic. We have seen a huge rise in consumer interest in natural products due to covid and because of that, we are remaining resilient through challenging times. Consumers continue to drive sales in new innovative products which will keep the CPG industry on its' toes.

CPG brands in all stages look to New Hope to streamline the process and find the products and services that will help them flourish. Whether it's packaging, technology, consulting, or other service you specialize in, let New Hope Network introduce you to a brand with a need.
Meet your Account Manager: Zachary Watson
Zachary Watson is proud to serve the Service Provider community to help them reach their revenue goals, generate leads and influence their mark on the natural & organic industry. Connect with Zachary today to see what he can do for you!