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Natural Foods Merchandiser is the leading trade publication for natural product retailers.

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March/April 2023

The March/April issue of Natural Foods Merchandiser is the official show edition of Natural Products Expo West. This issue will cover the show as well as the latest trends emerging across retail categories at Expo West. Highlights will feature Expo Trends and show guide, NEXTY Awards finalists, Delicious Living Beauty and Supplements Awards.

Get in on the official publication of Expo West 2023 while prime spots are still available! This issue closes Monday, January 23, 2023!

Take a look at the rest of the year’s NFM calendar here.

Editorial preview of the March/April 2023 issue

Expo West Trends

Supplier Diversity

NEXTY Awards

Vitamin D with K2?

The last day to reserve your space in this issue of NFM is Monday, January 23.

Artwork due Tuesday, January 24. 

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Natural Foods Merchandiser’s print publication hits the desk of retailers every-other month, providing them with the latest information needed to succeed in the over $259 billion natural products industry. Through this engaging content, NFM creates the perfect place for you to talk to them about your brand and products.


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